Major Life Event

Retirement. The sale of a business. The arrival of a new baby – or grandchild. The start of college expenses. Career changes. A family inheritance or an equity event.


These big events force us to make decisions about our finances. Though they can seem to happen unexpectedly or suddenly, it is possible to plan well in advance. Forward-looking plans can help you create a future where there is a lot to look forward to. Our job is to help anticipate and plan for these events before you get to the point where you are forced to make a rash decision. And when the changes are especially difficult – the loss of a loved one, or divorce – having someone who knows you in an intimate and personal level is even more important to guide you through these difficult times.

We build flexible and holistic plans that balance a focus on long-term goals with the flexibility to adjust when life throws the unexpected at you – and it will. Our objective advice and commitment to transparency mean we’re here to assess options and offer support when big decisions must be made. In fact, we sit with you as advocates and help you make these decisions.