Investment Management

Investment Management Charlotte NCOur approach to investment management is informed by decades of market intelligence and extensive academic research. Our perspective is relentlessly long-term and always client-centric. We start with a clear discussion of goals, and proceed with a proven approach that balances objectives, time horizons and cash flow needs for individual and family clients.

Investment Policy Statements outline the personalized strategy and asset allocation and establish clear guidelines for the management of the portfolio. A comprehensive long-term policy helps investors avoid ad hoc or emotional portfolio changes, particularly in times of market extremes. Critically, all investment decision making is in the context of an overall plan.

Our comprehensive service covers all aspects of investment management, from portfolio design and vehicle selection, to ongoing monitoring and rebalancing, to performance reporting and benchmarking. Additionally, through strategies such as asset location, tax-loss harvesting and the use of tax-efficient investment vehicles, we aim to minimize the impact of taxes on investment returns.