Fiduciary Investment Advice

We are held to the fiduciary standard which means your interests always come first, and we are accountable only to you. Our approach starts with true independence on LPL Financial’s platform.

There are no commissions on proprietary products, no sales incentives or conflicts of interest that would arise from selling those products, no reason to take unnecessary risk, and nothing to distract us from delivering investment strategies and financial plans aligned to your future goals.

Our compensation is transparent and based on a fair and simple fee structure. Our regular reports help ensure that you know what’s going on with your portfolio. We stick to our long-term perspective at all times, in rising markets as well as falling markets, because experience has taught us not to overreact to short-term market movements. And we are unafraid to talk about the emotional side of investing, where much of the hard work must be done, especially when markets shift suddenly.

fiduciary advice